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About Us

About Us
Established in 1957 Bennett's Engineering has a history of general engineering, specialising in stainless steel, exotic materials, aluminium & mild steel fabrications, serving a magnitude of industry throughout the Republic of South Africa and the world.

Bennett's Engineering utilises the state of the art equipment for its manufacturing processes including precision laser cutting and other high tech production equipment to ensure accuracy and repeatability of produced items which can be reproduced with total dimensional control as per the original item being replaced.

Bennett's Engineering has the ability to convert clients requirements into an engineering solution and can produce 3D model packages to illustrate the concept prior to any fabrication or manufacturing taking place.

Chapman Engineering established in 1970 is operating within the Bennett's group of companies and with their expertise and experience gained in the canning industry offers solutions for clients requirements utilising modern efficient purpose built equipment for canning of products with a full after sales service.

Bennett's Engineering prides itself on its professional and first class client and customer service.

Oil and Petrochemical

Drag Chains

Bennett's Engineering involvement with drag chain systems began with a request from a major jack up operation to visit an operating rig in the gulf of Mexico to witness the operation of an extremely old and rusted drag chain with a view to modernising the concept and incorporating the improvements as requested by the operating staff on the rig. Main function of a drag chain is to carry, guide and protect moving conduits in the form of electrical cables or transmission hoses.

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Oil / Gas Piping Spools

This division of Bennett's Engineering was created in order to attract from the offshore oil industry based off Angola, the availability of having the fabrication in South Africa of specialised pipe spools from exotic material instead of relying on European and Far Eastern contractors specialising in this work. A concern effort was made with the cooperation of a Cape Town based third party inspection authority namely Avcape Inspection to design weld procedure qualifications to meet the demands of the offshore oil industry with regard to specialised piping spools.

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Fishing Industry


Bennett's Engineering supplies process solutions internationally from single items to turnkey plants in white and pelagic industries both on shore and at sea factories. Our services includes design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of plant to suit our clients needs and we offer all necessary equipment required to process fish.

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Manufactured using sophisticated technology and quality raw material, our blast freezer trolleys are appreciated for durability, longer service life and corrosion resistance. Our quality product can be customised in accordance with the specifications and sizes detailed by the clients. Further, we offer our product at market leading prices to the valuable clients.

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Fish Factory Packlines

Bennett's Engineering supplies process solutions internationally from single items to turnkey plants in white and pelagic industries both on shore and at sea factories. Our services includes design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of plant to suit our clients needs and we offer all necessary equipment required to process fish.

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Material Handling

Material Elevators / Conveyors

Material handling equipment is all equipment that relates to the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Material handling equipment is used to increase throughput, control costs, and maximize productivity.

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Equipment offered include idler/live idler conveyors, screw conveyors, modular belt conveyor, pvc belt conveyors, elevators etc.

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Seaweed Processing

Seaweed Processing Equipment

Bennett`s Engineering design and supply turn key projects in seaweed processing plants which have been installed and commissioned internationally. Plant design includes fabrication, steam supply, hydraulics, electrics, structural steel platforms, pumps, valves and automatic process control systems. Other equipment offered are vessels, conveyors, reactors, control system, grading systems, driers and separators.

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Filter Screens

Rotary Screens

The rotary screen is a self-cleaning, internally fed unit. The cylindrical screen drum is fabricated from wedge wire screens which ensure a high level of solids capture compared to conventional screens. The effluent is either pumped or flows by gravity into a weir/surge tank located inside the screen drum. The rotary drum is ideally suited for high solid loading and flow rate applications normally associated with meat works, tanneries, pulp and paper, fish processing, sewage and others.

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Static Screens

Static screens are custom designed to separate solids from liquids in various applications including food, sugar, pulp, paper and wastewater industries. The gravity-fed static screen design provides for effective dewatering and allows the solids to slide off the end of the screen surface into a skip for easy removal of the waste. The static screens are self-cleaning with no moving parts so therefore very low maintenance. Each modular parking system facility is custom designed according to the specific requirements of the installation site and with an extraordinary capacity to blend in with the environment. Regardless of architectural or landscape constraints, the foundationless, freestanding modular deck can be dismantled and relocated to an alternate site.

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Canning Industry

Shore Based Canning Plants

To provide total process solutions to accelerate the Client (local or international) to market readiness, by incorporating the most efficient up to date equipment. Our services include design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of plant to suit our client's needs and to meet stringent standards eg. European standards etc. Equipment offered include cutlet portions, cooking, canning and palletising.

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Hygiene Equipment

Floor Drains

Our floor drains are widely used in food processing plants where there is exposure to animal or vegetable fats and acids. Ideal for: fish factories, slaughter and packing houses, dairies, breweries and citrus juice plants. As well as, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical, chemical plants and many other industrial plant applications. We manufacture slotted and channel drains to meet our client's needs.

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Apron Washers

For the manual hand washing of aprons, aprons attach to the unit via integral hooks. Two brushes are located on the cabinet one for aprons and one for the rim and sides of shoes. Step over bench To demark the change from low to high care. We can also incorporate a shoe rack in it. Wellington boot & shoe racking A good solid rack, In both Stainless Steel and Aluminum. You can have it wall mounted or mobile we will make it fit. Show us the locker room we will do the rest. Integrated Hygiene Stations Boot wash, industrial hand wash sink, and hygiene turnstile. These can be manufactured separately or to meet our client's needs.

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Drench Showers

A range of standard single or double column emergency safety showers, with or without eyewash units. Units supplied stainless steel. Safety Showers are either stand alone or wall mountable. Activation either via platform (automatic) or manually (lever valve). Designed to supply a "deluge" of water from over head or all sides / angles.


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