Hygiene Equipment

Floor Drains

Our floor drains are widely used in food processing plants where there is exposure to animal or vegetable fats and acids. Ideal for: fish factories, slaughter and packing houses, dairies, breweries and citrus juice plants. As well as, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical, chemical plants and many other industrial plant applications. We manufacture slotted and channel drains to meet our client's needs.

Apron Washers

For the manual hand washing of aprons, aprons attach to the unit via integral hooks. Two brushes are located on the cabinet one for aprons and one for the rim and sides of shoes. Step over bench To demark the change from low to high care. We can also incorporate a shoe rack in it. Wellington boot & shoe racking A good solid rack, In both Stainless Steel and Aluminum. You can have it wall mounted or mobile we will make it fit. Show us the locker room we will do the rest. Integrated Hygiene Stations Boot wash, industrial hand wash sink, and hygiene turnstile. These can be manufactured separately or to meet our client's needs.

Drench Showers

A range of standard single or double column emergency safety showers, with or without eyewash units. Units supplied stainless steel. Safety Showers are either stand alone or wall mountable. Activation either via platform (automatic) or manually (lever valve). Designed to supply a "deluge" of water from over head or all sides / angles.

Hygiene Equipment