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Established in 1957 Bennett's Engineering has a history of general engineering, specialising in stainless steel, exotic materials, aluminium & mild steel fabrications, serving a magnitude of industry throughout the Republic of South Africa and the world.

In line with globally accepted standards Bennett's engineering utilise the services of government appointed third party inspections authorities for product certification according to clients required specifications. Bennett's Engineering use their SABS ISO 9001:2008 accreditation to maintain the high standards as required by such clients involved in the petro-chemical, nuclear and armaments industries.

Bennett's Engineering utilises the state of the art equipment for its manufacturing processes including precision laser cutting and other high tech production equipment to ensure accuracy and repeatability of produced items which can be reproduced with total dimensional control as per the original item being replaced.


Bennett's Engineering with the head office based in Cape Town has established a branch in Johannesburg to assist potential clients in this area with engineering solutions to their individual requirements and the branch is manned with personnel experienced in food hygiene management systems both in handling and storage as well as the full product range covered by Bennett's Engineering backed up by the engineering management staff at the head office.

Chapman Engineering established in 1970 is operating within the Bennett's group of companies and with their expertise and experience gained in the canning industry offers solutions for clients requirements utilizing modern efficient purpose built equipment for canning of products with a full after sales service.
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